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Metabolism, homeostasis, and aging

Moldakozhayev and Gladyshev, Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2023

An accurate understanding of metabolism is critical for further deconvolution of how biological systems function and for the consequent effective design of longevity interventions. We propose a two-mode (pursuit/maintenance) model of metabolism defined by usable resource availability. Pursuit, consisting of anabolism and catabolism, dominates when usable resources are plentiful and leads to the generation of metabolic waste. In turn, maintenance of a system is activated by elevated metabolic waste during resource depletion. Interaction with the environment results in pendulum-like swings between these metabolic states in thriveless attempts to maintain the least deleterious organismal state – ephemeral homeostasis. Imperfectness of biological processes during these attempts supports the accumulation of the deleteriome, driving organismal aging. We discuss how metabolic adjustment by the environment and resource stabilization may modulate healthspan and lifespan.

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Last Updated: Feb 17st, 2023

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