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Online portal to explore gene expression changes associated with lifespan-extending interventions.

SECISearch3 and Seblastian
A publicly accessible tool to predict eukaryotic selenoproteins and SECIS elements along nucleotide sequences.

Previous version of SECISearch

Bacterial SECISearch
A program that predicts candidate bacterial SECIS (selenocysteine insertion sequence) elements and their ORFs in a query genome or nucleotide sequence.

Comparative Genomics of Thioredoxomes

A DataBase of Trace Element Utilization
A database of resource for protein data that are related to trace element utilization. dbTEU version 1.0 includes all known transporters and user proteins (excluding metal-binding chaperones and regulators) for five trace elements: copper, molybdenum, nickel, cobalt and selenium. The current dataset contains ~16500 proteins from more than 700 organisms among the three domains of life. More data will be collected and deposited into the database with the identification of novel proteins and the increase of new genomes.