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Accessible, interactive, and integrative platform for biological age computation from high-dimensional molecular data. ClockBase functions as an ensemble framework enabling biological age predictions across several clocks and species, with helpful visualization functionalities. Currently the ClockBase has the biological age of ~300k samples from GEO available.

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Online portal to explore gene expression changes associated with lifespan-extending interventions.

SECISearch3 and Seblastian

A publicly accessible tool to predict eukaryotic selenoproteins and SECIS elements along nucleotide sequences.


mSALT is an interactive database that consolidates a comprehensive collection of mammalian gene expression signatures associated with aging and longevity. Through an integrative meta-analysis of >100 independent datasets, mSALT reveals associations of gene expression with (i) aging across various tissues and species; (ii) lifespan extension achieved through genetic, dietary, and pharmacological interventions in mice; and (iii) longevity traits of >40 mammalian species.